Mankind seems to be on a constant quest for a better world.

But what does that mean; “a better world”? What does it look like? 

It’s these questions that lie at the very foundation of LAND of GOOD - an engaging project by video,- and multimedia-artist Vika Kova - that includes video-talks, various kind of exhibitions, video-space-invadings and a Virtual Reality experience in the making. 

LAND of GOOD  pays special attention to the way gender and society relate. It takes the gender-balance of our modern society as an invitation to reflect on who we are and how we see the world. This awareness will open up opportunities to change the world for the better. 

In addition to the all-encompassing question what gender-balance is and how it shapes our values, LAND of GOOD looks into the notion of gender-equality vs. gender-balance and into what history tells us about gender-balance. Among other things, the artist provides a deep dive into the impactful yet undervalued and underpublicized role of women in history.

Since 2015, LAND of GOOD has expanded into a unique, on-going, intercultural and intergenerational project, that advocates an alternative gender-balanced societal model, soon to be built in VR. 

LAND of GOOD exists in different stages: sHe, CrossOvers and LAND of GOOD in VR:

The mission of sHe was to examine female roles in different societies throughout today’s “modern” world. Kova’s visual depictions of femininity take viewers around the globe to observe cultural backgrounds as well as the contemporary identity of womanhood, within the complex structure of our male-driven world. 

CrossОvers is dedicated to the introduction and exploration of both male- and female-driven society systems. 

All Kova's works and activities are heading towards one same direction: the creation of the virtual world LAND of GOOD VR - a prosperous, gender-balanced future society.