Winter Solstice Message

Dear fellow-inhabitants of the Earth, dear Earthlings this is the message from LAND of GOOD dedicated to the winter solstice, which used to be the time of the celebration of our feminine-side, of the female powers, of the Goddess.

In difficult times, we have the tendency to repress the female powers, to ignore the Goddess, that comes in the form of beauty, art, compassion, acceptance, patience. All these qualities that we need today to face our common global challenges like climate change, and political and economic stagnation. Usually, our society solves the problems with the help of our male-qualities, that come in the shape of a conflict, physical or economic pressures, and sometimes, violence and war. 

But this time is different because we can’t oppress Mother Nature, we can only win by humbleness and moderation; we can overcome these challenges only with the help of female powers. 

So I wish we would open up more to taking the responsibility for the small and the big things. 

For big things like overpopulation, pollution, consumerism, political disorientation.

And for small things like creating as less waste as possible, and dividing it properly. 

Ignoring, not-buying the products grown on chemicals and packed in non-recycled plastic. 

The female side develops due to increased interest, and involvement.

It’s fun, for example, to visit the farm, to meet the people that grow your food.

The feminine develops, even more, when we Invest in the kindness to ourselves, to the children, to friends and neighbors. 

And to the planet, to the mother nature. She is all we got. 

I wish us all The Return of The Goddess. 

Shall we warmly welcome all Goddesses on their day of the winter solstice and bow to them for these darkest nights of the year.

I wish you all magically divine nights and wonderful insights. 

With love and care from LAND of GOOD.