Space Invading 21/12/2016

On the Winter Solstice - December, 21st, 2016 - Kova and her team performed the first space invading by means of video-art in Amsterdam.

Following the street & activist art tradition, she projected in monumental size her CrossOvers #1 video onto Stedelijk Museum, to create an awareness around gender-asymmetry problematics.

About the CrossOvers video: Inspired by the quantum mechanics theory of multitude realities, the artist creates an imaginary world, found in a parallel reality, governed by women - a female-driven society - and is the opposite to our male-driven world. Kova imagines that this parallel reality crosses the ours, for the sake of information exchange. Kova “arranges a meeting” between the representatives of the two worlds in order to exploit and broadcast the values of both societies. The male-figure represents the patriarchal world, as we live in today, and the female-figure represents the imaginary matriarchy. These “meetings” find place in an autonomous, independent white space, backed up by the random images from both realities. It’s a safe and free “meeting point” for the crossovers between the two realities. Non-judgemental, joyful view is essential - the artist is keen to present both systems as independent and light as possible. The viewer is free to extract the conclusions on his own.