Artist Video Talk #4

Artist Video Talk #4

To celebrate female-powers, like our ancestors did on the Winter Solstice (the longest night of the year), the 4th edition of LAND of GOOD artist-video-talk will be a festive, amusing experience of the body’s female-energy-centre - the Third Eye! In this pre-Christmas weekend we skip the seriousness of LAND-of-GOOD's theoretical part and fancy the merry practical part. We will have fun with

body/brain vibrations; 
a state of going in-wards; 
info on hallucinogens;
levitation experience.

Coming from the Third Eye (confirmed by the brain-science as the pineal gland), the above mentioned experiences are different from anything we know. The Third Eye / pineal gland was always known as the main attribute of women with super-powers - women that ruled the world in harmony with the nature. Restoration of these powers starts with the pineal gland.

The guest speakers Mark Dowe (Svaha Yoga) and Gitta Sluijters (Love, your cup of tea) will share their experiences with different ways of body/mind purification. 


Mark Dowe is an international yoga instructor. 
His classes and workshops are known for his great energy and humour. He playfully incorporates meditation, mindfulness and philosophy into his classes, as he understands that it should be a joyous occupation, even in the difficult moments. 
His teaching is both traditional and innovative. 
During LAND of GOOD workshop Mark will guide us through the healing power of breath and sound vibrations; and will share his own experiences with the humor that no one can resist.  

What Gitta Sluijters, LAND of GOOD and I have in common is that we are in a constant quest for a better world. And we both do it on our own way. 
During the realisation stage of LAND of GOOD in VR, Gitta will be consulting and guiding me through the science of practicing and organisation of ceremonies: empowering, purifying and healing ceremonies will play an important role in the perfect world. 
During LAND of GOOD workshop Gitta will share some of her experiences and expertise. 


19.00 - 19.15 - doors open
19.15 - 19.30 - intro by Vika Kova
19.30 - 19.50 - purifying art of breathing 
19.50 - 20.10 - Mark Dowe
20.10 - 20.30 - body / brain purifying vibrations
20.30 - 20.50 - Gitta Sluijters
20.50 - 21.00 - closing word by Vika Kova
21.00 - 21.30 - afterthoughts 
21.30 - doors closed.

Location: Svaha Yoga downtown: Begijnensteeg 1, 1012PM Amsterdam.


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