Artist Talk @ The Embassy of the Free Mind

The 1st Video Talk @ The Embassy of the Free Mind Museum on 19/04/2018


The video-talks are best described as a live interactive artist-talk alternated with video conversations. They provide the basic framework and conceptualization of LAND of GOOD in Virtual Reality.

All editions include suggested practical ideas and solutions on how best to adapt, shape and harness the potential of LAND of GOOD for our society.
With these talks Vika Kova reaches out to academics, students, governmental, educational and cultural institutions, artists and everyone-else who is curious about the future of humankind.

The very 1st edition of the talks found place in Amsterdam @ The Embassy of the Free Mind Museum on April 19, 2018 with the main topics:
General introduction of LAND of GOOD as an alternative society, based on gender-balance.
The outcomes of Kova’s on-going research of 'female powers’.
Female powers during the Palaeolithic period and what we forgot on the way to our agrarian, male-driven global culture.
Female powers in the evolution; inventions, accomplishments and contributions. Kova suggests to include ‘Her’ in our history books.