Artist Talk for KUNST KAN gallery

Due to the Coronavirus measures, this Artist-Talk was changed from the KUNST KAN gallery to the on-line event on LAND of GOOD YouTube channel. 

In honor of the Equinox celebration, when the day and night are in perfect balance, WHAT ART CAN DO Foundation invites Viktoria Kova to speak about her LAND of GOOD project. 

Times are changing, the climate is changing so people will also have to change. Scientists announced that we’ve got 10 years to reverse the process of climate change. If in 10 years we won’t succeed, the damage will be permanent, which will lead to a shortage of fresh air, water, and food - our main survival sources. This is how far our male-driven society has brought us - it clear has reached its limits.

For that reason, we should quickly look for an alternative social structure that would be activating and exploring other than the male-driven solutions and values. Viktoria Kova emerges with the LAND of GOOD - a fundamentally different way of organizing and running a society.  

Date: 22 March 2020

Time: 17.00 - 18.00

Location: KUNST KAN... gallery / LAND of GOOD YoutTube channel 

Address:  LAND of GOOD YoutTube channel