W Hotel Amsterdam

Commissioned by W Hotel in Amsterdam, the rendering of the video projection for the Roof Top’s swimming-pool.

In her art and design practices, Kova developed a unique technology, that allows her to project her videos onto swimming-pools and other water reservoirs, making the water projection to amaze and surprise during the day time and at night. 

Swimming-pool projections are safe, colourful and eye-catching. Powered by the video art they create exceptional experiences, enhancing the swimming-pool beyond recognition. 

Kova’s installations engulf viewers in sensorial and unexpected journeys. Not only eye-catching, these unique installations are sustainable and customisable to suit the aesthetic atmospheres of discerning clients in site-specific locations. 

The colours, the images and the sound of the videos, are carefully selected and interacting on such particular way, that influences the viewers positively, enhancing the quality of life.