Leeza Dey, Russia

Commissioner: Leeza Dey & family.

Commission: Good Life soundtrack, video clip, video art. 


  • to realize the full potential of the beginner pop-star Leeza Dey.
  • To create a world of colorful youth celebration and of Leeza’s dreams to reflect the contemporary generation state of mind.


  • full production of Good Life soundtrack;
  • remixes by various DJ’s.
  • Concept development of video content, logistics, production and postproduction of the videoclip and the art piece My SWEET 16. 


  • videoclip @ YouTube channel Leeza Dey 
  • www.leezadey.com.
  • Video art for the FORTUNA video-table customized edition.

Title: My SWEET 16

Medium: Videoclip 03:23 min, full HD. Video art 48:45 min, full HD.

Edition of: 1

Year: 2017