Holland Casino, The Netherlands

Commissioner: Holland Casino Amsterdam


  • Artistic creation of impressive experience 
  • Video production
  • Wall and Ceiling Video Projection Installation
  • Maintenance of the installation 

Target group: casino’s regulars & millennials. 

Aim: attract visitors into basement Lido space.

Solution:  Aesthetic, artistic video-storytelling attended to luck and fortune phenomena: exclusive look into the mysterious world of probability and random chance. The artist engages human eye, as the reflection of the universe, full of chances; roulette, wheel of fortune and the golden coins, as pursue of winning; the Dutch riksdaler, as the part of Dutch history; the all-seeing eye, as the Eye of Providence; DJ-gear as an emphasis on party-weekends; gold-body-painted Goddesses Fortuna, Justice and Muse as the ancestress of all games; and two carats diamond ring, granted by Gassan Diamonds, as the ultimate feature of fortune - this piece of video-art is an on-going fantasy.

Displayed: as permanent wall and ceiling installation at Holland Casino Amsterdam Lido basement space.


Title: FOR-TUNE 

Medium: full HD video, 08:19 min

Edition of: 1

Year: 2018