Holland Casino, The Netherlands

Commissioned by Holland Casino Amsterdam Vika Kova Investigates the phenomena of luck and fortune: an exclusive look into the mysterious world of probability and random chance.

The human eye, as the soul of each person, tells the story of striving for happiness. The eye takes us through the universe, full of chances. Through the keyhole the artist dives into the shiny world of casino. The roulette, bingo, wheel of fortune, the money shower and the fishes, the towers of golden coins, rijksdaalder, as there part of Dutch history; the all-seeing eye, known as the eye of Providence; disco-lights, the DJ-gear; gold-body-painted Goddesses Fortuna, Justice and Muse; 2 carats diamond ring, granted by Gassan Diamonds; diamond cocktail, gold cocktail and jade cocktail; and James Bond vibe feature in this on-going fantasy, until the chamber of secrets of luck is closed.

Soon to be premiered. Exact details to be announced on this website. Or stay tuned on our Instagram and Facebook.

Title: FOR-TUNE 

Full HD video, 08:19 min

Year: 2018