Art in Motion, Lebanon

Commissioned by Art in Motion Foundation this project was released for “Resistance and Persistence” open air public art exhibition in Sanayeh Garden in Beirut (Lebanon) on October, 5-12, 2016.  

Vika Kova’s video&audio cube with sHe #9 video art was meant to instantly take the viewer on a multimedia journey in gender-asymmetry. 

Kova created this set up to employ the cube as an educational station, which by means of video and sound communicates the gender-equality problematics, the consequences and possible solutions. Right on the spot Kova’s installation inspires the viewer to re-consider some morals and values of our world. It engulfs the viewers in sensorial and unexpected ways. This installation is customised to integrate with the aesthetics of  Sanayeh public park. 

Video&Audio Cube, 2m x 2m x 2m

Year: 2016 

Plexiglas, polycarbonate, metal, aluminium, video projectors, media-players, fan, sHe #9 video & audio content.

Weather-proof: for in-& out-doors.


Official opening (left to right): Rania Halawi (Art in Motion), Minister of Culture Rony Arayji, Raya Farhat (Art in Motion), Vika Kova, Mrs.Nayla Mouawad, Minister Minister of Tourism of Lebanon Michel Pharaon, Rania Tabarra (Art in Motion), Valerie Reinhold (curator), M. Fouad Makhzoumi (Makhzoumi Foundation), Noha Wadi Moharram (Art on 56)