Art Fund Nyenrode, The Netherlands

Commissioned by Nyenrode Art Fund, exclusively for ‘Venetië aan de Vecht’ event, Vika Kova creates a video canvas inspired by Jacques Goudstikker’s life and his connection with the Nyenrode Castle.

In her work Vika Kova observes and investigates the unity and the connectivity of our world and beyond. LAND of GOOD: Legends takes the viewer on a journey through different dimensions, the micro- and macrocosmos of Goudstikker’s life, his connection to Nyenrode and his art collection. Applying the latest advanced technology, the artist interlaces real events of Goudstikker’s life with the imagery of the masterpieces of his collection. A painting becomes reality and reality is never what it seems. Accompanied by sounds and voices extracted from different times, spaces and generations, this multimedia work is an artistic registration of Goudstikker’s and Nyenrode's heritage: interlaced, they become legends. 

Title: LAND of GOOD: Legends 

Full HD Video, 03:11 min

Year: 2017

Edition of 300