Every company needs a video, that would reach the consumer on a memorable way.

More and more companies and events choose to express their message through art.

Contemporary art is cool, happening, innovative, progressive and impactful. If the brand chooses video art, as a promotional tool, it automatically gets all these qualities into its subliminal advertisement.

VIKA KOVA ART & DESIGN creates videos for brands, events and spaces according to following criteria: 

Emotion: as an artist Kova uses her creativity to realize videos that help the company to connect with the customers/visitors on the emotional level. Our videos often are able to regulate positive mood and emotions.

Mindfulness: we bring forward the most sustainable, healthy and beneficial aspects of the company, product or space, that are relevant to the consumer, the planet and the social environment.  

Education: we aim to get the customer not only to buy a product but also to get him involved and inspired. What can inspire better than art? What can reach the unconsciousness on a deeper level? Video-art, in particular, as the combination of creativity and technology, can reach the young generation directly and update the senior generation’s receptivity. It’s a win-win for both the consumer and the company.






Besides the maximum visibility and the brand/event experience boost, our video-art is collectable and saleable: Kova’s works are part of the corporate art collections around the world, increasing in price every year.  


For Art Branding examples visit our COMMISSIONED WORKS page.

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